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Wedding: Diana & Oliver ~ Los Angeles

I have to share a few favorites from last night’s wedding with Diana and Oliver.  They got married at the Smog Shoppe in L.A., which is literally a converted auto shop – complete with giant metal bay doors.  In contrast to it’s name, it is one of the greenest urban spaces in the country – with amazing succulents covering the walls, and solar powered lighting.  Despite the little commute up from San Diego, I hope to make it back there soon.

Diana and Oliver’s awesome personal style was not just evident in their choice of location – their fashion sense also set the tone for a very cool event.  Look at them – they totally rocked these portraits…  Hmm, did I just say “rocked”?  Yeah, that’s what happens when you hang out in L.A. ;-)

CLICK HERE to watch a slideshow of my favorites!

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This one needs an intro…  Diana’s maiden name is pronounced “meow”…  You know we had to do this.

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