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E-session: Kathryn & Michel

Sometimes I like getting fibbed to.  For example, Kathryn fibbed and told me that she and her fiancee, Michel, were shy about having their portraits taken…  Just scroll down and you will see – fibs – all of it! :-)  There was so much love and laughter during this session – they both did a fantastic job.

It was so nice this morning at _______ Beach.   I would tell you the name of the beach, except that I don’t know it! I even looked it up on Google maps and didn’t see a name.  I’ll research it later… but, for now, it’s _______ Beach – and it was gorgeous.

We were supposed to shoot at Windansea, but got stuck behind a foot race on La Jolla Blvd., and weren’t allowed to drive through.  I had an alternate beach in mind, but Kathryn and Michel really liked _______ Beach, because it sits right below Cuvier Park, where they’ll be getting married in November.  I thought it was the perfect spot for them, and loved going somewhere new.

Please enjoy a few of my favorites, or CLICK HERE for the full gallery, if you hold the password.

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