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Getting real on camera ~ Del Mar Engagement: Robin + Adam

I would love to think that every couple out there is a perfect match for me… Truth is, I have an ideal couple. I know – so rude, right? How can a free thinking “artist” ever possibly discriminate, by stating that there’s one IDEAL couple? … Well, it’s true and, fortunately, these couples find me time after time. My ideal couple is REAL. My ideal couple shows up with team spirit, and trusts the process. They aren’t connected to each other by similar looks, careers, wedding theme, budget, or even their comfort on camera. Yet, despite these differences, they share something in common. They are either pre-prepared, or decide once they meet me, to believe, “This is our SPECIAL time together. Pam looks harmless and, better yet, I think she wants us to feel AWESOME about ourselves. Let’s ENJOY this!” … Some couples bring this spirit to a session in soft and subtle ways, and some couples go bold out of the gate (yes, Robin + Adam were singing to each other), but I know when it’s genuine, and it’s magical every single time. xo



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